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Los Angeles

"Creating consciously driven art and design"

"Creating consciously driven art and design"

Art and design of Los Angeles native artist Steve K.

I value the Self-motivation of street entrepreneurialism, creativity, ingenuity, and the spirit to sell one's own talents, breaking free from the status quo.

My compositions are the result of the spontaneous and methodical execution. I utilize a combination of current and historical reference through an abundance of research, i.e., literature, photographs etc.

I use a vast array of media in my creations, skilled with wet, dry and digital. Over the years I have formed my own amalgamation of mediums for my work and love taking it to a "whole nutha' level".

When I'm not wrapped up in a piece of artwork I like to explore the city and immerse myself in the spatial consciousness between graffiti art and urban landscapes. Through a process of post-production, I turn my captured images into aesthetically provocative photographs.

Learn more about my work here: https://goo.gl/fkaiJR

See my work here: https://www.RevolutionaryArtist.com

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